Character Design Workshop Phase 4

AAaand we’re off! It’s time for Phase 4. Let’s begin to write!

Where do I start? I don’t know what to write?

Yes, I can hear you now. Well, the solution to writing is…just write.

With the invention of computers, there is no excuse! You can write, and write, and write, and then change your story later. But, the key here is… to just write. My student’s were able to generate their stories  by looking at their character descriptions. Other student’s might have a tougher time. One of our students is writing his book on paper first. The other student is working on paper and on the computer both. Start what works best for you. You can always put it into the computer later. Here is a jumping off point to get your students going:

Include in your story:

  1. Answer this question, “what if?”
  2. Where is the setting (place) of your story?
  3. One prop described in detail.
  4. Describe each character as you introduce them to your story
  5. One element of time travel
  6. Here is the document in Word format to print if you want: STory Start

Here is a great article for young readers compiled by Debbie Ridpath Ohi that gives advice:


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