Character Design Phase 3

The update:

Our last post was 4 months ago about CHARACTER DESIGN, and how to fill out the character design sheets. At “Greenbelly”, our home studio, we have two teenagers who are working on their character design sheets they began at the end of 2016. They will each have a minimum of SIX characters in which they can incorporate into stories, poetry, songs, comics, or whatever avenue they choose. We have plans to finish our character design sheets this week, then begin the process of learning HOW TO TELL STORIES. In a timely email I received this week from Khan Academy (a free online learning center), a new series designed by Pixar in a Box has come out about this very subject of storytelling. You can watch the videos here for FREE:

The process we are in:

  1. Dressed up in costume
  2. Photographed the character
  3. Drawing the character in different poses and filling out our downloadable character design worksheets: (some people find it easier to draw from a photograph).



The results:

Here are a few character photos from our student’s latest photo shoot.

copyright 2017 Greenbelly Studios.


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