Character Design Workshop Phase 2

We talked in the last blog post about designing characters. Our students have since began designing characters from photographs, along with completing the character design worksheets (posted in the last blog). Here are examples of some of our students’ work. This student was photographed in a costume, then drew his artwork from the photograph. He basically turned himself into a character. Notice how he nicely displayed his character sheets in a binder folder.

Below is another example of a student’s work. The student used a little mechanical bird that was created in the Greenbelly studio from a children’s toy. The student photographed the mechanical bird and turned the bird into a character:Screen shot 2016-11-25 at 8.34.52 PM.png

Once the students have completed an adequate number of characters on their own, it is time to develop their characters further. The students will need to create an outline for their story. They will use the sketches they have already created as a reference to draw scenes for illustrating their story. The story outline and development will be covered in the next post, after our students here have more of their character design sheets completed.



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